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About the Author

Larry Elder with the author of Farmer Tice books.

The author, Nelson Donley, and his wife & son,

with California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder.

Mr. Donley created the Farmer Tice series to get children interested in reading in a fun way. He is the author of 6 books; an existentialistic novel, a book on Special Education, and the 4 books in the Farmer Tice series. He developed his interest in writing from his seventh grade teacher, Randolph Nelson Levy; an African-American who was an author himself. According to the author, Mr. Levy was one the greatest influences in his life.

Mr. Donley spent a great deal of his childhood on his grandparent's pony farm in Escalon, California, located in the San Joaquin Valley. He graduated from high school with a major in agriculture and was a member of the FFA {Future Farmers of America}. His FFA project focused on breeding and training American Quarter Horses {AQHA} which he raced at tracks such as Los Alamitos and Bay Meadows.

As a youngster, Mr. Donley studied Kung Fu San Soo with martial arts expert Frank Woolsey in which he earned his black belt. During his adolescent years Mr. Donley trained did weight training at the Olympus Gym and Bill Pearl's Gym in Pasadena. During his college years he studied violin with Elizabeth Ivanoff Holborn and played in the Whittier College Chamber Orchestra. He advanced to the level of the Handel Sonatas and Schubert Sonatinas.

Mr. Donley graduated from Whittier College with majors in Political Systems of the Eastern Bloc and Economics, and minors in English Literature {Shakespeare & 18th century novel} and Philosophy. Upon graduating from WC, he attended California State University at Long Beach in which he earned 3 teaching credentials {including one in Special Education} as well as a Master of Science in Special Education.

Mr. Donley taught regular education from 1979 to 1993 {including the GATE program for gifted children} and Special Education from 1994 to 2015. He specialized in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Mr. Donley describes himself as being an anti-racist conservative who opposes wokeism, Critical Race Theory, abortion, gun control, and socialism / communism. He spends most of his time homeschooling his son, Harmon, who is 2 years above grade level in reading, writing, and math. When asked what his favorite books are, Harmon replied: "I have read all of the books by Mike Venezia, but I have to say my favorites are Farmer Tice, and not just because my daddy is the author. They are just the funniest books I have ever read." 

The Farmer Tice books were written with Mr. Donley's son, Harmon, in mind. The first two books consist of a series of short stories based on the hijinks of the man dubbed King of All Fools. Because he wanted his son to grow up "smart", he increased the level of vocabulary with each book. The books are also filled with a variety of subtle and off-beat humor. Take a look at the lists of vocabulary. Mike Venezia told Harmon, "reading makes you smart". Thus, reading "smart" books will actually make kids "smarter", even if those books are about a man like Farmer Tice.

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